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Mindshare Technology
Measurably Improve Outcomes
Identify the Cases with the highest probability of a poor outcome
Change the Trajectory of these cases proactively.

Mindshare Technology Launches ICARE™ (Immediate Case Accountability and Risk Escalation); the latest in Predictive Analytics for Child Welfare. Mindshare teams with the Local Community Based Care Agencies in Florida. One agency using ICARE combined with a focused review methodology has Improved Child Safety in all in-home cases by 22%. This includes No Abuse Related Deaths since July, 2012. Click Here for more information.

Mindshare Technology delivers cutting edge, real-time, business intelligence and data analysis solutions. Mindshare requires no changes to existing systems or data sources. Mindshare's analytics is designed to span multiple, disparate data sources to draw conclusions and maximize value from existing data. Data is transformed into real-time, usable knowledge, customized for individual stakeholders and delivered seamlessly across all levels of the business. Mindshare's suite of services includes Business Intelligence, Data Analytics, Business Quality Enforcement, Business Process Compliance, Interoperability, Automated Escalation and Mass Notification.

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